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About our trucks and our equipment:

About our equipment

Reliable Movers Truck

All of the equipment we use to make your move a success is checked daily, and before each use. We ensure that every item is in perfect working order before we use it on a job.

We take pride in keeping our our equipment in top condition, this reflects our pride in the job we do for you.

From our custom oak flooring to our protective furniture blankets, to ties and dollies, you will find all of our equipment clean, and in first-rate working order.

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Reliable Movers Cab

Truck Interior

3000 lb capacity ramp

Classic Moving & Storage Truck

Reliable Movers Truck


Our drivers compartment is clean and in good condition. Fully loaded, air conditioning, and cruise control are some of this vehicles features. Our crew finds riding in the cab during long moves a pleasure!

Inside the main storage area, there are 26 cubic feet of clean storage area. This is enough to accommodate most households and small office moves in one trip.

Our heavy duty ramp can hold up to 3000 pounds - and with it's slip resistant covering, we can load and unload safely in all kinds of weather! Our rear tailgate makes loading easy - we can either back up to a loading bay, or use the drop down ramp for loading.

On board storage bins contain all of the tools needed to properly disassemble and reassemble tables, bed frames, and most furniture.

Our hand trucks, dollies, tarps, and various equipment for securing your items are all stored externally - saving valuable space for your move!

Classic Moving & Storage Truck

Reliable Movers Storage Bin

Classic Moving & Storage Truck

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